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First Year Experience

First Year Experience students and faculty for ENC 1101-1102 and SLS 1109!

If you want to study our Library Basics/Library Orientation tutorials, all FYE students are auto-enrolled in the official First Year Experience with Libraries module in Canvas. Successfully completing those tutorials and quizzes will earn you badges you show all your professors and instructors!

Participating in the tutorials on this page will not earn you any badges. Any teachers instructing students to this page will have no issue with you using the Canvas module tutorials! If you have any questions or concerns, just Ask a Librarian!


These brief, video tutorials are designed to help you use the library and enhance your information literacy skills. They are sequenced so that a student wishing to become information fluent may view each video by working through the page, top-to-bottom.  Upon clicking on the videos, you may also access the video scripts.

Library Research Basics

These 5 tutorials are not intended for any FYE course study (see First Year Experience with Libraries in Canvas).


Library Services

Discovering and Locating Sources

Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Articles

Selecting & Using Keywords

Selecting Relevant Articles

Starting Your Research

Take the Starting Your Research Quiz to test yourself on this entire section.

Formulating A Good Research Question

Concept/Mind Mapping

Identifying The Types Of Information Needed

Finding Sources

Take the Finding Sources Quiz to test yourself on this entire section.

Selecting & Using Keywords

Discovering and Locating Sources

Locating Documents Using Citations

Searching Google Effectively

Interlibrary Loan

Evaluating Sources

Take the Evaluating Sources Quiz to test yourself on this entire section.

Selecting Relevant Articles

Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Articles

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Evaluating Information From The Web

Using Sources Effectively

Organizing Sources for the Writing Process

Using Sources Ethically (Plagiarism)

The information in this section is so important that it has been moved to its own page.

Types of Assignments

What is a Researched Argument Essay?

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

What is a Literature Review?

Additional Resources & Tools

Google Scholar

Bibliographic Management Software
(We recommend using Zotero.)

Assignment Calculator

Research Application in the 21st Century Workplace

Take the 21st Century Workplace Quiz to test yourself on this entire section.

Finding Information in the Workplace

Seeking Knowledge from Others in the Workplace

Searching Google Effectively

Challenges to using Research as an Individual

Challenges to using Research as Part of a Group

These video tutorials were created using the Pace Academic Development Award by an instructional designer, Joshua Vossler, in partnership with UWF Librarians.

For more information and a variety of ideas about how to incorporate these video tutorials and information literacy into your course, please see our Faculty Guide to Information Literacy Assessment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Chris Levesque at