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Scantron Reader/Grader

Scantron Grading Machine

The library has two Apperson Datalink/Grademaster scanners that can grade Scantron tests quickly. One is located in the Pace Library (Building 32) on the 2nd floor behind/overlooking the main stairwell. Another unit is available in the Education Reserach Library (Building 86, Room 105).

Form Compatibility

The Scantron readers at the library are compatible with forms that conform to the Scantron 882-E specification.  Example links can be found below:

DataLink 600 Answer Sheets

DataLink 600 Surveys, Ballots, Item Analysis, and Tally Forms

Generic 882 E Compatible Forms (Amazon)

How To Use

Using the Scantron machine to grade student work is very easy!

  1. Mark the first sheet with the correct answers and shade in the "Key" box.
  2. Run the "Key" through the machine to register the correct answers.
  3. Run the student answer sheets through the machine.  Incorrect answers will be marked and an overall score will be printed.