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Florida National Guard Education Duty for Dollars

The Florida National Guard EDD program provides tuition assistance to eligible Florida Guardsmen.

UWF has pre-loaded degree programs, courses, and tuition in order to allow expedited TA approval. The UWF MVRC maintains this information in the portal. If you have difficulty locating a course or the proper tuition, please contact or 850.474.2550.

To apply for EDD, Guardsmen are required to log in to the Florida National Guard Virtual Education Center, submit an education goal, and then applying for benefits. Once the application is approved, an electronic voucher is created that the UWF MVRC can download from the portal.  

When combining EDD with Chapter 33 Post 911 benefits, the University certifying officials at the MVRC will subtract the amount of the EDD voucher from the total tuition certified to the VA. This is in accordance with federal and state requirements.  

Per UWF policy, grades will be posted at the end of the semester by the MVRC.

Contact information for the Florida National Guard EDD program:

Kevin or Rachel 904.823.0351, 904.823.0339,

Florida National Guard Virtual Education Center