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Study Abroad

Financial aid can be used to fund your study abroad experience. Students can only receive aid for earning credit.

Paying Tuition for UWF led Study Abroad Programs

Participants in programs led by the University of West Florida are eligible to have any awarded aid applied to their tuition and fees.

Paying Tuition for Programs led by other Florida Universities

Federal and state aid such as Direct Loans, Pell Grant and Bright Futures can be used to pay for programs that are led by institutions other than UWF. 

Florida Prepaid can also be used for these programs. 

Paying tuition for programs led by non-Florida Universities or Program Providers

Students participating in programs through a non-Florida university or other program provider are only eligible for federal aid (Direct Loans and Pell Grant). 

Release of Financial Aid

Financial aid for study abroad students is released according to the UWF fee payment schedule.  

Student's should be aware that some study abroad programs may have due dates prior to disbursement of UWF funds. You are responsible for payment of all program fees through UWF, your host institution or your provider. Depending on when your payment is due, your financial aid may not yet have been disbursed. You may be required to pay some or all of your program fees prior to receiving your financial aid. Please ensure you understand when payments are due and make arrangements to pay your fees.