Ordering Official Transcripts

Official transcripts may be ordered online.

Transcripts: General Information

See Ordering Transcripts online for step-by step instructions on how to order online and any possible processing delays due to University closures.

Transcripts FAQs

Grading Legends

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Official Transcripts

As of Thursday, September 21, 2017, official transcripts may only be ordered online through Parchment, Inc. The University does not accept facsimile requests for transcripts. Official transcripts cost $10.00 per copy. Current and former students may access an Unofficial Transcript at no charge through MyUWF.

Transcripts ordered online are generally mailed within one to three business days from the day the order is received.

Transcripts will not be released until all holds at the institution have been cleared. Students may view any holds on their account in MyUWF. If you have a question regarding an account balance, please contact the Controller's Office at (850) 474-3037.

Transcripts may not be picked up by another party unless the student has given written authorization with the request. The designated person will be expected to show a picture I.D. before obtaining the transcript. For further information, you may call the University of West Florida Office of the Registrar, (850) 474-2244.

The University may request your Social Security Number on your transcript request form as a means of identification. For further information and/or clarification, refer to the Statement on the Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students can view(and print) an Unofficial Transcript at no charge from their online student account. Current and former students access the Unofficial Transcript link through MyUWF. The University of West Florida does not distribute unofficial transcripts. If an unofficial transcript is needed to be sent to a third party, the student should print it from his or her MyUWF account.

Students will also have access to an Excess Hours transcript through MyUWF. This is an unofficial transcript that is produced for the purpose of determining a student's excess hour calculation. The information provided is the same as that on the unofficial transcript, but the formatting has been adjusted. For more information regarding excess hours please visit Excess Hours or access the Excess Hours app in your MyUWF account.


Online Ordering Instructions

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The University of West Florida has partnered the services of Parchment in order to provide a web-based transcript service. Parchment utilizes Blue Ribbon Certification as an additional security feature applied to PDF orders. Payment by credit card is required. In addition to standard delivery, Parchment offers Fed Ex for expedited delivery (for an additional charge).

See Ordering Transcripts online for step-by step instructions on how to order online.

Current Students

1. Log in to MyUWF.

2. Type “transcript request” in the search bar.

3. Click on the Transcript Request app to be redirected to an ordering option page.  

4. Click the Parchment link to be redirected to online ordering.

See Ordering an Official UWF Transcript for step-by step instructions on how to order online.

Former Students

See Activating your MyUWF Account for instructions.

1. Log in to MyUWF.

2. You will be asked for your student ID#; if you do not know your ID#, choose either the ‘Activate My Account’ or ‘First Time User’ option. This will allow you to reactive or set up your account using your last name, social security number, and birthday. Once complete, you will create three security questions and answers for security purposes. You should then receive an email in your personal email account for MyUWF activation.

3. Type “transcript request” in the search bar.

4. Click on the Transcript Request Menu app.  

5. Click the Parchment link to be redirected to online ordering.

See Ordering an Official UWF Transcript for step-by step instructions on how to order online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Official" Transcript?

Official Transcripts are a comprehensive record of your academic progress to date printed on security paper that includes markers for authenticity. They are produced by the UWF Registrar's Office and obtained at the request and written authorization of release by the student. Delivery of the transcript is as requested by the student which may include in-person or postal mailing in a secure envelope marked, "OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT ENCLOSED IF SEAL IS BROKEN TRANSCRIPT SHALL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID," PDF password secured email, and through the FASTER electronic delivery system within state of Florida educational institutions.

Can I get an unofficial transcript for my records?

Students can access (and print) an Unofficial Transcript at no charge from their online student account. Please see Viewing an Unofficial Transcript.

Students with holds that prevent the release of their Official Transcripts will also not be able to access their Unofficial Transcript.

If I need my current semester grades or degree on my transcript, how long will it take?

If you place your order early and ask us to hold your transcript until your grades or degrees are posted, we will mail the transcripts being held for degrees approximately two (2) weeks following graduation. That is when the degrees and honors have been checked for accuracy. Transcripts being held for grades will be mailed approximately one (1) week after grades are posted each semester. That is when most “late” grades have been received and other grading processes (i.e. repeat courses, grade forgiveness, probation/suspension) have been finalized. However, you may view your grades through the “Grades” link in your MyUWF account and submit your transcript request as soon as you can see your posted grades.

What kind of special handling is available?

There is an additional fee for Federal Express mailing (domestic; Alaska/Hawaii only; and International).  Fed Ex does not mail to APO/FPO addresses.

Do I have to order two transcripts to get my UWF undergraduate and UWF graduate records sent?

No. Our transcripts are complete records of your entire enrollment at UWF, and would also include any transfer credits accepted if you attended UWF as an undergraduate student. We do not reflect transfer credit for students who attend UWF only as graduate students. If you completed undergraduate work at UWF, we cannot issue partial transcripts of just your graduate work.

Can you guarantee when I will get my transcript?

The turnaround time of within three to five business days is an estimate as to how long the request will be in our office before the response is mailed. It is not a guarantee. Frequently it will be less than five business days, but occasionally it will be more. We make every effort to keep our turnaround within the five days. This does not include the actual mailing time after it leaves our office. However, if you place your order online, the transcripts will usually be mailed the following business day (with the exception of peak registration and/or grading periods).

If I pay the Federal Express mail fee with the transcript fee, am I guaranteed to receive my transcript the next day?

In most cases, you should get it the next day (or as requested and paid for in your original order), but we cannot guarantee it. If you failed to sign your request, or if there is a problem with your record that prevents transcript issuance, such as a hold, we will not release the transcript until the problem is resolved. This is why it is important to include in your request a working means of contact (day time phone number, e-mail address, etc.). Also, International addresses can take three to five days longer than domestic mail delivery.

*Fed Ex does not deliver to APO/FPO addresses.

Will you let me know if there is a problem in processing my request?

If you have a "hold" on your student record, you will be notified via your UWF email account. When your order is finalized, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order number. If you don't receive confirmation, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@uwf.edu

What happens if my record has a “hold” on it?

If your record has a hold, you will be notified when placing your order via your UWF email account. Holds will prevent a transcript order and must be resolved to place the order. If you have an outstanding financial obligation to UWF, such as parking tickets, missing library books, or being in arrears with your student loan payments collected by UWF, your record may have a financial hold and you will be notified if this is the case. There are also other types of “non-financial” holds (i.e. financial aid exit counseling) that prevent transcripts from printing. You may check for any holds via MyUWF - please see Viewing Holds

If I apply to a new UWF program (i.e. graduate program) through the Office of Admissions, do I need to order my prior UWF transcript to be sent to UWF Admissions?

No. If the application indicates that previous transcripts need to be sent to Admissions, you need not request a copy of your UWF transcript. When the Office of Admissions is ready to review your UWF course information, degrees awarded, etc., they (and the graduate academic department) may access your student record at no cost to you.

Is it possible to have my transcripts faxed?

No. UWF does not fax transcripts. However, UWF provides access to an “unofficial” transcript through the student’s online account. Current and former students use MyUWF to access the “Unofficial Transcripts."

Can someone else come in and pick up my transcripts for me?

Transcripts may not be picked up by another party unless the student has given authorization at the time of the request. The designated person will be expected to show a picture I.D. before obtaining the transcript.

The transcript I requested was never received at the address I provided. What do I do now?

Review Parchment’s "track order" overview

For further assistance, the Recipient must contact the Registrar's Office via email (registrar@uwf.edu) between 14 days and 45 days of the transcript being mailed to confirm the transcript order was not received. We must allow at least 14 days for the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the transcript. A replacement transcript can be sent again before 45 days has elapsed. One reissue is permitted per missing order.

Is it possible to change the delivery method/recipient address on my transcript request?

Due to security reasons, there is no way to change the email or mailing address once you have placed an order. If you want to change the destination, contact the Office of the Registrar (email: registrar@uwf.edu) to cancel the order and you may then place a new order with the correct address. Please note the order cannot be canceled after it has been delivered to the recipient.

Can I order my transcript over the phone?

No. All transcript orders are placed online. Please see Ordering an Official UWF Transcript

I have an issue not addressed above and a question regarding the transcript ordering process. Who do I contact?

Please visit the Parchment Help Center for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions from the Parchment site
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