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The Center for Entrepreneurship fellowships

Dr. Stephen A. LeMay

Dr. Stephen A. LeMay

Dr. Stephen A. LeMay has been an Associate Professor of Marketing and Logistics at the University of West Florida since 2012, and we are excited to announce his fellowship with the UWF Center of Entrepreneurship. As a fellow, he will be assisting with our consulting efforts with local businesses. Dr. LeMay has taught a variety of business classes at UWF, including marketing, logistics, supply chain, and operations management. Additionally, he is a professional business marketing consultant and entrepreneur. He focuses his work on small businesses in Pensacola via class projects, the Small Business Development Center, and direct contract.

With 40 years of consulting experience, Dr. LeMay is passionate about guiding others to success. He specializes in developing marketing and logistics plans and preparing new businesses to enter their respective markets. Dr. LeMay has expressed that being a business consultant is one of his most valuable career experiences, and is excited to offer his expertise to our Center. In addition to his existing fellowship at the Center for Supply Chain Management Excellence at UWF, he is a Kiel Center for Globalization External Research fellow in Kiel, Germany, and a research fellow at the Social Sciences Research Center at Mississippi State University. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Stephen A. LeMay as a fellow at the UWF Center for Entrepreneurship.