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Aviation Supply chain logistics management is an area of business expertise that interacts with and impacts aviation related business organizations, suppliers, and customers.

What You Will Learn

The Aviation Supply Chains and Logistics Certificate introduces you to the knowledge, tools and concepts utilized by aviation professionals in creating strategic and operational decisions necessary to plan, implement and control integrated aviation supply chain logistics systems. 

Emphasis is placed on air transportation, air cargo and aviation logistics operations, supply chain management strategy, facility network analysis, demand management and inventory planning, outsourcing, customer service, order management, financial assessment, supply chain logistics personnel, leadership and ethical issues, and logistics information execution systems. This certificate is an excellent complement to business, economics or communications majors.

Those receiving the certificate in Aviation Supply Chains and Logistics will be better equipped to obtain positions within air freight operations, passenger airport operations and air freight forwarding operations. The certificate and specific aviation focused courses are ideal for students who have attained their private pilot certificates and those pursuing it.

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