Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GRSA) was formed in 2007 to help promote interaction among graduate students and graduate departments and faculty. It is our intent and purpose to provide students with effective communication with the Graduate School and University community.

GRSA Mission

The sole purpose of this organization is to help students, with a greater emphasis on graduate students, to have a better academic and social experience here at the University of West Florida. We are your voice at the weekly meetings of the Student Government Association (SGA), and any concerns that you may have regarding your experience here can be relayed through us to the SGA officers. We understand your dedication to higher learning, all of us that run the organization are in the same boat. All that we ask is that you help us help you, with feedback or participation in our sponsored events.

GRSA Constitution

GRSA Research Awards

The Graduate Student Association (GRSA) is currently accepting applications for research awards to be granted to UWF graduate students for independent projects, conference travel or research required for degree completion. The intended purpose of the award is to support graduate level research here at UWF. Funds should be used for supplies needed to complete research or for travel expenses to present research at a regional, national or international conference. There are four $250.00 research awards available. Requirements are as follows:

  • Current degree-seeking graduate student in good academic standing who is conducting research here at the University of West Florida. (Preference will be given to projects with undergraduate student collaboration.)
  • Submission of a 500-word abstract describing your research. (Appendices are allowed for additional information that you think may help inform the reviewers, such as abstracts/ manuscripts.)
  • Submission of a budget stating your intended use of the award. Intended expenditures must meet SGA guidelines for use.
  • Letter of recommendation from a UWF faculty member (any rank) indicating the relative strength of candidate and research (no page limit).

Submit research abstracts and other required material to Applications are due by May 5, 2015, and recipients will be notified within 2 weeks of deadline. Previous applicants are encouraged to apply again. 

GRSA Officers

President Elizabeth O'Connor 
Vice President Samantha Rivera
Secretary Heather Bryson
Treasurer Vacant
Communications Officer Vacant

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Dr. Rodney Guttmann

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