Health Sciences and Administration


We prepare students for careers in health, healthcare, and public health. Classes are offered online to accommodate students currently employed in healthcare and public health settings or who do not live in the northwest Florida area.

Department Description

The Department of Health Sciences and Administration is home to online undergraduate and graduate degrees. These degrees are designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the health care industry. 

The undergraduate degree in Health Sciences (BSHS) is intended for students interested in career advancement or for those whose goal is to work in the health professions providing service to individuals and communities. 

Our Master's of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is designed to prepare qualified individuals for various administrative and leadership positions in the healthcare industry. The program strives to develop engaged, early healthcare careerists to use evidence-based strategies and applied skills to improve operations, quality of care, affordability, and access. 

Certificates in Health Informatics are available at the graduate level and provide an exploration of the interdisciplinary nature of Health Informatics, with coverage of the newest technologies and concepts.

Health Administration

Healthcare administrators work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, mental health organizations, and insurance companies. Demographic pressures, advances in medicine and technology, and increased health regulations have led to a rapid increase in the demand for this field. We offer degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Health Sciences

The general Health Sciences Program is designed for undergraduate students who wish to pursue their studies in health, healthcare, and public health. This degree is geared toward developing health professionals and healthcare administrators who are empowered to promote the health and well-being of the populations they serve.

Public Health

Public health practitioners work in a wide range of careers in public health, consulting, consumer advocacy, non-governmental, local, state and federal health agencies. They will have prospects to work in disease surveillance, community engagement, maternal and child health, and environmental health.