2018 Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase. Truly Explore Your Major

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

University Commons Building, Bldg. 22

9:00 AM - 3:30PM


OUR invites the campus community and all members of our off-campus community to attend the 2018 Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase. With each year we strive to have as much diversity in our presentations as possible. Engaging students across all disciplines is our goal and every year we expand our representation of all fields of study. 


With over a 1000 attendees at the 2017 symposium, we expect that we will just keep growing,

Dr. Schwartz works tirelessly at spreading the awareness of the many programs that OUR has that can connect you with a faculty mentor, get you involved with research, and will help open your mind to cross-discipline communication. We, in OUR, encourage all of the UWF undergraduates to get involved in research in some form before entering in to your graduate work. The experience serves to be invaluable, and the possibilities that we will help you see are endless. Check out our OUR programs today and see if there is any area of our resources that you would like to explore.


All students that are being supported by OUR in any program that OUR houses will be required to present at the annual Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase. If you have any questions regarding this requirement or if you have any questions about the many programs we offer the UWF undergraduate population, please do not hesitate ask.


You can contact OUR via email at our@uwf.edu or you can call the main office number 850-474-2298