OUR Project Award Program

Please review this information carefully before applying for an OUR Project Award


Awards are intended to support undergraduate students conducting research under the mentorship of a faculty member.


Current undergraduate, degree seeking students who are in good standings with the University are eligible to apply.

Allowable mentors include current UWF faculty with a range of appointment types including adjunct, lecturers, post docs, and tenure line.


Due to resource limitations, the awarding of grants is competitive. The University intends to achieve the broadest possible impact with the funds available. Therefore, some applications recommended for funding may only receive partial support. Undergraduate students should explore other sources of funding prior to applying for this grant. Any additional sources of funding should be noted and accounted for in the budget narrative and amount of the request.

If you are of faculty, adjunct, staff , or administrative classification at UWF, and you would like to review OUR Project Award proposals please complete the interest form and we will add you to our database. 

Award Information

  • Up to $500 for individual projects
  • Up to $750 for group projects (two or more students)

Allowable expenses include travel to get to field site, external library or archival facility; chemicals or laboratory equipment; photocopies of documents or research questionaires; etc. Student or faculty stipends are not allowable expenses.

Guidelines for Acceptable Research Projects

Research can be conducted in any discipline. Please use the following guidelines to determine whether or not the project is “research”. If the research does not meet these criterion but you and your faculty mentor believe it is still a “research”, please contact our@uwf.edu.

  • The research is an inquiry or investigation on a topic related to the student’s professional interests.
  • The research is conducted by an undergraduate student under the mentorship of a UWF faculty member.
  • The research makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Format of the research is similar to a professional researcher’s in the discipline.


There will be two award cycles each academic year. An early fall semester deadline will be for projects spanning the fall/spring academic year and a late fall/early spring deadline will be for projects to be completed in the spring semester. Applications must be submitted during one of these cycles.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, please follow the following deadlines:

  • Fall 2018 deadline - Wednesday, October 3rd
  • Spring 2019 deadline - Friday, November 9th

Process Overview

     Fall 2018 Project Award CycleDates To Remember
Call for Proposals  Monday, September 7th
Submission Deadline  Wednesday, October 3rd
Proposal Faculty Review  Monday, October 8th
Proposal Reviews Due  Monday, October 22nd
Award & Denial Notification   Monday, October 29th


Spring 2019 Project Award CycleDates to Rember
Call for Proposals Monday, October 8th
Submission Deadline Friday, November 9th
Proposal Faculty Review Thursday, November 15th
Proposal Reviews Due Monday, December 3rd
Award & Denia Notification Monday, December 10th

Notification of Awards

Students will receive a notification letter regardless of acceptance or denial. Award and denial letters will be sent via email within one month of the application deadline.


2017 OUR Project Award Student Guide(PDF)

Scoring Rubric for Project Award (PDF)

Applications are submitted via the electronic OUR Project Award Application

Applicants will attach the following documents (saved as individual .PDFs) to their application. Students should gather all necessary documents before beginning the application process, as applications cannot be saved and accessed at a later date:

  1. Budget narrative (written description of all expenditures, additional sources of funding, total budget requested, as well as copies of price quotes for expenditures)
  2. Project description (1-2 page narrative, include your project's objective, the scientific or creative methods to be employed, and the significance of your work to the field of knowledge in general, including background information with citations where appropriate. For group projects, please indicate which student(s) will be responsible for each aspect of the project. Please remember that faculty reviewers of your proposal may be outside your department and so acronym's and abbreviations should be defined or avoided.)
  3. Signed OUR Project Award Letter of Commitment
  4. For group projects only:list of all students working on the project, including name, ID number, cumulative GPA, department, college, phone, and email, (scanned and uploaded as pdf). For group projects, only one student must sign this LOC.


2017 Project Awards Letter of Commitment(PDF)


OUR Project Award Program application

Additional Resources

I would like to review proposals

2017 Project Award Standard Operating Procedures


For groups of two or more students working on the same project, the group should submit one application.

Per the OUR Project Award funding agreement, students and faculty are to complete the following: