OUR Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Awards



Awards intended to serve to recognize faculty that exemplify UWF's commitment to the undergraduate research experience and convey the University's high regard for faculty contributions outside the traditional classroom.


Award recipient's records should include a demonstration of mentoring undergraduate student research and scholarship that results in research "end products", such as peer reviewed publications with student co-authors, student presentations, or performances. In addition to basic discipline skills, these accomplished mentors also contribute to student professional development and success beyond graduation. Finally, award recipients should serve as role models to other faulty on how best to support research and scholarship on campus.

Award Information

Up to two awards (one "Early Career" award and one "Senior Faculty" award) of $1,500 (before tax) will be presented for recognition of exemplary undergraduate research mentoring. Award candidates will be nominated by College Deans, Associate Deans, or Department Chairs.

Early Career Award- For Assistant or Associate Professor rank with 7 years or less

Senior Faculty Award- For Associate or Full Professor rank with more than 7 years

Presentation of Awards

Awards will be presented as part of the spring Honors Convocation by the VP of Research.

Spring Honors Convocation: TBD


Nomination/Application Open: Tuesday, November 12th, 2018

Nomination/Application Deadline: Friday, January 25th, 2019

Nomination Process

Nomination materials should be submitted via the Qualtrics form, or hard copy delivery or mail.

Nomination submissions should be done with nominee. Nominations will be submitted by the department chairs and/or college deans or associate deans. Nominations must include the following:

  1. Nomination form- completed by nominating Dean/Associate Dean/Chair
  2. 2 page vita- highlighting undergraduate research mentoring activities while at UWF (should be completed by nominee)
  3. List the mentees, including name, dates, project title, and current position if possible (Template) (should be completed by nominee)
  4. List of publications and presentations with undergraduate student authors and student research awards, honors, or scholarships (Template) (should be completed by nominee)
  5. 1 page narrative from nominee to include discussion of mentoring philosophy, types of research and scholarship, and how s/he serves as a role model for building productive and transformative student-mentor relationships
  6. 3 letters of support- 1 from the nominating Chair/Dean/Associate Dean with an emphasis on the nominee's contribution to the department, college , or field; 2 from current or former student mentees

All nomination materials will be submitted by the nominating Chair/Dean/Assocaite Dean as one nomination packet. Application materials should be completed by the nominating Chair/Dean/Associate Dean, with assistance from nominee.

Nomination Qualtrics from: Please upload your packet material (as individual files) through this link.


Submit a hard copy of the completed nomination packet to: OUR Bldg.4 Rm. 408
Hard Copy Template

Selection Process

The selection committee will include the AVP for Research, Direct of OUR, and at least one faulty member from each college. Final award decisions will be made by the Director of OUR, with consultation from the AVP for Research.