File Storage: Personal H: and I: Drives

H: and I: drives (Home and Web folders) provide UWF students, faculty, and staff with electronic storage space on the UWF server. Files can be accessed after logging in with your ArgoNet username and password. Saving to your H: and I: drives provides additional benefits of regular backups and the ability to access your files from any computer with an Internet connection.

The H: drive is a secure storage space for academic and work-related files. The I: drive is just like the H: drive, with one exception - I: is a web folder, so anything saved on the I: drive is posted to the Internet. Students are allocated 200MB. This space can be split in any proportion between the H: and I: drives.

Opening My H: & I: Drives

Your H: and I: drives can be opened from File Storage in MyUWF. Links to H: and I: are also available in eDesktop, computer labs, and on many office computers. More advanced users can access their drives with Filezilla.

Recovering Lost or Deleted Files

Recovery Instructions

You can recover an older version of your file if the current one is accidentally lost or deleted.

Web Page Hosting (I: Drive)

Your I: drive is your personal web hosting space. This allows you to create a website for class, post your resume to the web, or just share information with friends. The I: drive works like a folder on your computer, except anything saved on the I: drive is posted to the Internet. Once you have a website, you can publish it as part of your UWF directory listing.

If you are interested in creating webpages on your I: drive, there are many software programs to help. Dreamweaver is available in select computer labs. Advanced web developers can request a data source (from Web Publishing in MyUWF) to create dynamic web pages.

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