Honors Convocation Award Winners - 2015

Adjunct Faculty Excellence Awards
  • Judy Bennington-Dykes, English and World Languages
  • Valencia Davis, Applied Science, Technology and Administration
  • David Miller, Management and MIS
  • Dustin Mink, Computer Science
Dean's Honor Roll

Please refer to the 2015 Honors Convocation Program (beginning on page 13) for a complete listing of names.

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key
  • Jessica Reid, Accounting
Distinguished Faculty Research & Creative Activities Awards
  • Steven Kass, Psychology
  • Kevin Krieger, Accounting and Finance
Distinguished Faculty Service Award
  • Thomas Gilbar, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty Excellence in Teaching or Advising Awards


  • Andreas Fuchs, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kathrine Johnson, Criminal Justice
  • Erica Jordan, Psychology
  • Kevin Krieger, Accounting and Finance
  • Enid Sisskin, Public Health, Clinical and Health Sciences


  • Trudi Gaines, Teacher Education and Educational Leadership
Hal Crosby Leadership Award
  • Jini Lynn Curry
John C. Pace Scholars for 2014-2015
  • Melissa N. Coombs
  • Rachel Jamison
  • Abbie Kellett
  • Anthony Noll
  • Melissa Pisarski
  • Brianna Vandale
Million Dollar Research Hall of Fame

$25 million

Richard Harper, Economic Development and Engagement

$5 million

Glenn Rohrer, Social Work

Outstanding Master's Thesis Awards

Christopher Scott Satterwhite, History

"That Magic Moment When All the Stars Were Aligned: New Left Activism and the Pensacola Underground Press"

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Amy Mitchell-Cook, History

Bryan David Davis, Biology

"Taxonomic and Metabolic Characterization of Bacteria Isolated From Gulf of Mexico Sediments Affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill"

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Joe Lepo, Biology

Nicole Rae Bucchino, Anthropology

"Talking Smack: The Archaeology and History of Pensacola's Red Snapper Fishing Industry"

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Della Scott-Ireton, Anthropology

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Eric Wayne Bencivenga, Maritime Studies
  • Hunter M. Brown, English-Writing
  • Tyler R. Bryant, International Studies
  • Sabrina Elizabeth Cummings, Anthropology
  • Jessica L. Farrell, Political Science/Pre-Law
  • Annastasia Fiala-Gapp, Musical Theatre
  • Patricia Izbicki, Music Performance
  • Kay A. Jackson, History
  • Stefini M. B. Pilgrim, Studio Art
  • James Clay Simpson, Philosophy
  • Christina M. Swift, Music Education
  • Rachel A. Wright, Graphic Design
  • Hannah Johnson Yager, Communication Arts

College of Business

  • Bryanna R. Andrews, Comprehensive Marketing
  • Kelvin H. Blackwell, Accounting
  • Tara J. Calhoun, Management Information Systems
  • Hannah R. Magee, General Business
  • Carlos Henrique Pinto DeMoura, Global Economics
  • Deven J. Smith, Management
  • Karleienny D. Medina Sojo, Finance

College of Educational and Professional Studies

  • Jacob M. Adams, Hospitality, Recreation and Resort Management
  • Yuri A. Armstrong, Army ROTC
  • Katelynn B. Barger, Criminal Justice
  • Walker A. Blankinship, Networking & Telecommunication Technologies
  • Markeisha Brooks, Social Work
  • Rachel K. Dovin, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Children & Health
  • Lindsay Michelle Gaddis, Elementary Education/ESOL/Reading
  • Justine K. Hanson, Engineeriong Technology / Building Construction
  • Nathan A. Joiner, Air Force ROTC
  • Kristen L. Ledbetter, Legal Studies
  • Brock A. Mayfield, Exceptional Student Education/ESOL
  • Dustin Ray Nelson, Exceptional Student/Elementary Education/ESOL/Reading
  • Danielle A. Rodriguez, Sport Management
  • Sheila M. Savage, Workforce and Professional Studies
  • Audrey J. Voigt, ISS Teaching and Learning

College of Science, Engineering and Health

  • Chelsea B. Blum, Health Care Administration
  • Claire A. Caillouet, Exercise Science
  • Jaymie Marissa Druding, Nursing
  • Dustine A. Emerson, Environmental Science
  • Stephen A. Halsey, Athletic Training
  • Kaitlyn Rita Latourelle, Electrical Engineering
  • Nicole Marie Latourelle, Electrical Engineering
  • Michael D. LeBrun, Community Health Education
  • Joyce Little, Oceanography
  • Connor M. Lutz, Information Technology
  • Laurel E. Manor, Marine Biology
  • Shanna C. Muehe, Physics
  • T'Kara L. Mullins, Psychology
  • Khyati N. Patel, Computer Science/Software Engineering
  • Quinton J. Powell, Physical Education, Teacher Education
  • Lisa M. Schnoor, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Erika Schott, Mathematics
  • Elisey A. Shcherbina, Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Branden Sherrell, Computer Engineering
  • April R. Simmers, Biology Pre-Professional

University College

  • Lauren F. Barnes, Chemistry
  • Lu Wang, Nursing

Kugelman Honors Program

  • Jini L. Curry, Chemistry
President's Award for Leadership in Diversity
  • Musaed Alajaji, Finance (student)
  • Karen Molek, Chemistry (faculty)
President's Honor Roll

Please refer to the 2015 Honors Convocation Program (beginning on page 8) for a complete listing of names.

Richard and Sandra Berg Scholar Athlete Awards
  • Jamie McDonald, Community Health Education, Women's Swimming and Diving
  • Carlos Moura, Global Economics and Finance, Men's Tennis
SGA Distinguished Teaching Awards
  • Daniel Durkin, College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Shannon Holst, College of Education and Professional Studies
  • Stephen Snyder, College of Business
  • Erica Taylor, College of Science, Engineering and Health
Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges

Please refer to the 2015 Honors Convocation Program (page 2) for a complete listing of names.