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We Sea Change

At the University of West Florida, we see change and rush forward.

Because we see change as inspirational: a source of ideas and insights, startups and breakthroughs, innovation and collaboration. We see change coming, faster than ever, and we’re ready for it. Because we’re leading it.

Sea Change: A Profound Transformation

It’s how we define the heart and purpose of the University of West Florida: to make waves on campus, in our community and around the world.

For the past 50 years, we’ve been the gathering place for bright minds in Northwest Florida. We’ve transformed the lives of our students with a close-knit academic experience and we’ve collaborated in the community with a progressive spirit. Through these efforts, coupled with our innovative programs, we've served as an economic driver in our region and state, with $1.47 billion in total annual economic impact.

UWF has undergone its own transformation over the last 50 years to become the forward-thinking, innovative side of Florida. We’ve come a long way from making small ripples of change in our community, region and state. Now, we’re creating waves and making a significant impact, not only in our surrounding areas, but across the globe.

Learn more about Sea Change through the stories of our students, faculty and alumni who exemplify what it means to make waves.

  • four members of the bloomer geri accounting firm posing by their sign

    Bloomer, Geri & Company

    View more about Bloomer, Geri & Company
  • heysi barrientos head shot

    Heysi Barrientos

    View more about Heysi Barrientos
  • emily dennis in front of a quilt

    Emily Dennis

    View more about Emily Dennis
  • National Merit Finalist, Cara Womacks, in the Wetlands Research Exhibition on the University of West Florida's campus. Cara is studying as a Marine Biology major.

    Cara Womacks

    View more about Cara Womacks
  • Trista Blouin standing on a sidewalk

    Trista Blouin

    View more about Trista Blouin
  • renee cox at the uwf track

    Renee Cox

    View more about Renee Cox
  • Yhana Burbel in the UWF College of Business

    Yhana Burbel

    View more about Yhana Burbel
  • natalie fallows with hiking gear

    Natalie Fallows

    View more about Natalie Fallows
  • Everette Petsinger

    Everette Petsinger

    View more about Everette Petsinger
  • National Merit Finalist, Diana Hanks, is shown a robotic arm in Building 4 of University of West Florida's campus.

    Diana Hanks

    View more about Diana Hanks
  • Kelby Thornton, graduate student and president of the Student Collaborative Entrepreneurship Organization standing in front of the UWF College of Business

    Kelby Thornton

    View more about Kelby Thornton
  • Hannah Funk

    Hannah Funk

    View more about Hannah Funk
  • oil spill water sampling

    2010 Oil Spill

    View more about 2010 Oil Spill
  • uwf scuba divers in the gulf of mexico

    Mother Mother Ocean

    View more about Mother Mother Ocean
  • College of Health and Andrews Research & Education Foundation

    Usha Kundu, MD College of Health and Andrews Research & Education Foundation

    View more about Usha Kundu, MD College of Health and Andrews Research & Education Foundation
  • UWF swimmer Theresa Michalak

    Theresa Michalak

    View more about Theresa Michalak
  • Historic Pensacola Village living history coordinator Phillip Mayhair

    UWF Historic Trust

    View more about UWF Historic Trust
  • Ambassador and criminal justice major Kari McWhirter

    Kari McWhirter

    View more about Kari McWhirter
  • Teacher with k-12 level students for National Writing Project

    National Writing Project

    View more about National Writing Project
  • Quint and Rishy Studer

    Pensacola Pledge Scholars

    View more about Pensacola Pledge Scholars
  • Child using paints at an easel.

    Community Outreach Research and Learning (CORAL) Center

    View more about Community Outreach Research and Learning (CORAL) Center
  • Dr. Matthew Ruckman at a park

    Dr. Matthew Ruckman

    View more about Dr. Matthew Ruckman
  • Fernanda Luvizotto do Amaral, alumna

    Fernanda Luvizotto do Amaral

    View more about Fernanda Luvizotto do Amaral
  • Toni Sharpe, alumna

    Toni Sharpe

    View more about Toni Sharpe
  • Alexis Janosik, Professor of Biology - Focus on Marine Science

    Dr. Alexis Janosik

    View more about Dr. Alexis Janosik
  • John Pecore, Associate Chair, College of Education and Professional Studies  - Focus on Grant

    Dr. John Pecore

    View more about Dr. John Pecore
  • Professor and students at the Archaeology Luna Settlement

    Division of Anthropology
    and Archaeology

    View more about Division of Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Kaley DeVito, social science major and special education minor

    Kaley DeVito

    View more about Kaley DeVito
  • Matt Lichtenberg, nursing student and Air Force adult learner

    Matt Lichtenberg

    View more about Matt Lichtenberg
  • Talisha Williams, business management major, mentorship

    Jonathan Griffith
    Talisha Williams

    View more about Jonathan Griffith Talisha Williams