Jennifer McFarren

Community Development Representative, Gulf Power Company | Former Director of Workforce Development, FloridaWest

I am thrilled that UWF is proactively deepening and broadening community relationships and engagement. They are a driving force behind new innovation and growth in our community.

Why did you choose UWF?

After a long journey exploring a variety of other universities, I realized UWF was the perfect fit for me. Here, I truly was more than a number. My professors not only knew my name, but they gave me their time and wisdom. They listened, facilitated dialogue, encouraged curiosity and challenged us. (The scholarships were hard to turn down, too.)

How did your studies prepare you to enter the workforce?

In many ways, the University’s engaging, high-impact practices best prepared me to enter the workforce, such as my internships and on-campus leadership roles, as president of Alpha Delta Pi, in particular. These experiences allowed me to get a small glance into how organizations function as a team, navigate conflict and work toward outcomes.

How did UWF shape your commitment to giving, both personally and professionally?

This University recognizes that students arrive on campus, or virtually, as a whole person, not just a student sitting in a classroom. UWF encourages the blend of academics, service, community and self-development. It was through my time at UWF that I grew to love Pensacola and Northwest Florida in a deeper way, by diversifying my experiences and relationships.