Copy Services for Students

Copiers are centrally located and available for student use.

Student copier locations

Library (Building 32) – All library copiers accept the Nautilus Card except the coin operated machine on the first floor and the device with bookminder in the basement.

1st Floor: Two copy machines are located on the 1st Floor of the library in the copy room near the main entrance. One of these machines only accepts coins. The other is a color copier that accepts the Nautilus Card.

2nd Floor: There is one copier located on the second floor of the Library. It accepts the Nautilus Card.

Basement: There is one copier located in the Special Collections area of the basement. This machine is equipped with a bookminder. Cash accepted by staff.

Professional Studies Library (Building 86) – There is one copier in the Professional Studies Library that accepts the Nautilus Card.

University Commons CyberLab (Building 22) – There is one copier in the CyberLab that accepts the Nautilus Card.

View a complete list of devices on campus. A student Nautilus Card declining balanace account may be used for payment at any of the networked devices.

ADM locations

Funds can be added to your Nautilus Card declining balance account at any Automatic Deposit Machine (ADM) or online via MyUWF. ADMs can be found in the following locations:

  • Library (Building 32) – 1st floor copy room and 2nd floor copy room
  • College of Education and Professional Studies (Building 86)
  • Commons (Building 22) – outside the CyberLab

Student copy costs

Black & White (8.5x11) - $0.08

Color Copies (8.5x11) - $0.50

Scans (any size, b/w or color) - $0.01.