Regalia: Caps, Gowns...and more!

In order to participate in the ceremony, students must wear appropriate regalia. Anyone without regalia will not be allowed to walk in the ceremony.

Photo of UWF graduates

Caps, Gowns, Tassels and Hoods


Ordering and purchasing of academic regalia such as caps, gowns, tassels, hoods, stoles, etc, and other graduation related items such as invitations can be made at the University Bookstore. Contact the UWF Bookstore at or (850) 474-3092.

You may also place your online order at Organizations must obtain approval the semester prior for wearing additional adornments to the gown.

Picking up:

When students pick up their regalia in the UWF Boosktore, they will be given a 3 X 5 card to complete. Students must bring this card with them to Commencement. As students step onto the stage to greet the College Dean, Provost, and University President, they will hand the card to the Reader. The Reader will announce the student's name from the information printed on the card. Students should make sure their name is printed phonetically on the card to help the Reader pronounce it correctly.


Undergraduate students should wear the tassel on the right side of the cap. After all the undergraduate degrees are conferred, the President will ask students to participate in the traditional “changing of the tassel ritual” in which the tassel is moved to the left side of the cap. 

Graduate students should wear the tassel on the left side of the cap.


Find our most popular FAQs below or email us at if you still have questions!

I missed the deadline to preorder graduation regalia. How do I purchase my regalia?

Graduation regalia can be purchased at the UWF Bookstore in Pensacola, FL beginning December 2nd.

When and where do I pickup my graduation regalia?

Your order will ship directly to the UWF Bookstore and be available for pickup beginning December 2nd. 

I’m an online student and need to have my graduation regalia shipped to me. How do I arrange shipping?

If you need to have your regalia shipped to you, please call the UWF Bookstore on or after December 2nd to speak to a sales associate and arrange shipping. No shipping orders will be taken until December 2nd. We ship via FedEx with options for Ground $7.50, Two Day $13.50, and Overnight $18.00. 

I need to order an honor cord and stole; however, it is not available on the website. How do I order these items?

If you need to purchase stoles or honor cords, please visit the UWF Bookstore or call us at 850.474.3092 and speak to a sales associate. Stoles and cords are not available for purchase online. They will be available for purchase at Grad Fair (October 14th and October 15th while supplies last) and beginning December 2nd, 2019.

Where do I get the information packet and 3x5 name card?

Graduate name cards and information packets will be included in your order or you can pick them up at the UWF Bookstore.

How and where do I get the commemorative medallion?

The commemorative medallion is purchased through Alumni Relations in Building 12.