Legislative Branch

The legislative branch of the Student Government Association is comprised of three committees, each with specific duties and responsibilities. These three committees combine to make up the Student Senate. These students, on a weekly basis, make decisions regarding bills and resolutions related to your academic life here on campus and are the driving force behind the Student Government Association.


Budget & Allocations Committee

The Budget & Allocations Committee is responsible for formulating the annual budget recommendation for the activity and service fee (A&S Fee). Additional responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing requests for funding from the three SGA grant accounts( academic travel, organizational grants, and tournament travel) as stated by the activity and service fee manual.
  • Review Carry Forwards from unspent monies during the previous fiscal year.
  • Audit any entity which receives funds from the A&S Fee, whenever deemed appropriate. 
2019-2020 Budget Committee
Ruben Gardner - Chair, sgabudget@uwf.edu
Madison Alexander (COB) Virginia Morrison (CASSH)
Matthew Arnold (CEPS) Kayla Rau (CASSH)
Christopher Baptiste (COH) Tyettiana Young  
Maggie Jeffries (COH)  
Dierre Johnson (COB)  
Student Affairs Committee

The Student Outreach Committee is responsible for collecting suggestions from students that involve student life. Our Committee must facilitate communication between the Student Government Association and the Student Body through multiple forms of surveying constituents; including but not limited to forums, monthly polls, events, surveying, and online suggestion boxes. We will respond to all issues, complaints, and feedback with student constituents in a timely fashion and report all recommendations to the University Outreach Committee. We are also responsible for facilitating communication between student organizations in order to maintain campus-wide awareness of issues affecting students.

2019-2020 Student Affairs Committee
Eric Kennedy - Chair, sgastudent@uwf.edu 
Alyssa Berellie (CSE) Stefica Milor 
Victoria Contreras (CEPS) Arianna Moore (CEPS) 
Alex Gibbs (CSE) Thanh Tran (COB) 
Erin Larkin (COH) Tamani Williams (CSE) 
University Affairs Committee

The University Affairs Committee works to address all academic-related student concerns. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations on student complaints and grievances concerning academic matters;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on proposed academic policy changes arising from the Board of Trustees, the legislature, and other external sources;
  • Serving as the Distinguished Teaching Awards & Distinguished Staff Awards Search Committee. 
2019-2020 University Affairs Committee
Nuriel Miller - Chair, sgauniversity@uwf.edu
Ashton Bosso (CASSH) Keyshawn Rodgers (CASSH) 
William Mettlach (CASSH) Hadley Sterrat 
Nick Norris Mary-Sheldon Williams (COH) 
Jade Ortiz (COB)  

Academic Code of Conduct

As Argonauts we act with integrity. We do not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.

Expectations for Academic Conduct

As members of the University of West Florida academic community, we commit ourselves to honesty. As we strive for excellence in performance, integrity—both personal and institutional—is our most precious asset. Honesty in our academic work is vital, and we will not knowingly act in ways which erode that integrity. Accordingly, we pledge not to cheat, nor to tolerate cheating, nor to plagiarize the work of others. We pledge to share community resources in ways that are responsible and that comply with established policies of fairness. Cooperation and competition are means to high achievement and are encouraged. Indeed, cooperation is expected unless our directive is to individual performance. We will compete constructively and professionally for the purpose of stimulating high performance and standards. Finally, we accept adherence to this set of expectations for academic conduct as a condition of membership in the UWF academic community.

*From the UWF Student Life Handbook, page 21.