Elena Estrada, Outdoor Adventures Instructor

Elena Estrada

  • OA Instructor

Major: Environmental Management
Graduation: Spring 2019

Growing up in Delaware, my mom said when I was little I wanted to play every sport. I had to pick just one and ended up choosing soccer. I played soccer competitively until my second year of college in Maine while spending the summers as a whitewater rafting guide. I took some time off from school to figure out what I wanted to do and in the meantime became a snowboard instructor in Vermont. After the cold winter, I moved down to Pensacola and beached it up a year or two until finding my passion here at UWF. Now I will finally graduate in 2019 with a major in environmental management and a minor in GIS mapping. I am not your traditional student but have found a home in the outdoor adventures program. I can’t wait to find out what adventures lay ahead!