Annie Wallace, Outdoor Adventures Instructor

Annie Wallace

  • OA Instructor

Major: Exercise Science
Graduation: Spring 2019

Hey, my name is Annie. I have been an OA instructor for almost three years now. I love experiencing the excitement of participants’ rock climbing skills progressing. I am also a bike shop attendee where I enjoy figuring out how things work together. During all of this, I am finishing my last year of my bachelor's degree in exercise science. My plan is to receive a doctorate of physical therapy and work in an outpatient facility. In my free time, I am usually outside. I am an environmentalist and love doing what I can for Mother Nature. Some activities I enjoy are canoeing, climbing, beach/ indoor volleyball, hiking, camping, hacky sacking, acro-yoga, handball, soccer, veganism and art projects. I am currently working on mindfulness and trying to become less distracted in our everyday world. I do this through reading literature, yoga, and meditation. It has changed my life and helped me become more present at the moment. This past summer I got the opportunity to experience my first time being out of the country. For two months my boyfriend and I backpacked through Europe and Iceland, visiting fourteen countries. This experience really helped me grow mentally and become more stable. All of these outdoor adventures have made me a better person, and I hope to continue to spread the love for similar activities.