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Information concerning all intramural activities is available on the web or in the Competitive Sports office between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday-Friday in building 72/282A, call (850) 474-2539, or e-mail

How to Register

You may register for Intramural Sports tournaments and leagues online at or by clicking the button below.

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Need help registering your team, joining a team, or registering as a free agent?

Registration Directions

Free Agents

Individuals desiring to play in a team sport, but who are not affiliated with a full team, may register on as a free agent. Team captains who need players are encouraged to draft players from the free agent list. Those on the free agent list are encouraged to attend the captain's meeting for the sport they wish to play. At that time you may be picked up by a team captain who needs players, or form your own team with other free agents.

Policies & Procedures

View the Intramural Sports Policies & Procedures document by clicking the link below:

Intramural Sports Policies & Procedures


Intramural Sports Schedule

Find the semesterly Intramural Sports Schedule by clicking the link below or log-in to register at

Intramural Sports Schedule


Questions about an official’s judgment are not grounds for protest. If, in the team captain’s opinion, an error was made, he or she must notify the officials that he or she is protesting a rule interpretation, before the protest period has ended (consult individual sports rules for protest period). If the captain does not immediately notify the officials of his/her intent to protest, he or she waives all rights to protest on that call. In addition, a captain may also protest an opposing players eligibility in accordance with Section 3 of the Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures handbook. If a protest is acknowledged, the officials will stop the game and record the game situation with the Intramural Sports supervisor on site. If possible, a decision will be rendered on site. If the captain still believes that the ruling is incorrect they may file a formal protest with the Intramural Sports Office by 12:00PM (noon) the following day. A formal protest may be filed by the team captain by 12:00 pm (noon) the following day of the occurrence in the Intramural Sports Office or click the button to file a protest online. All proper paperwork will be examined at this time. The Competitive Sports Graduate Assistant / Assistant Director will rule on the protest.

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