Mission, Vision, Values

This page contains our mission, vision, and values.

Mission Statement

Recreation and Wellness’ role is to advance UWF’s mission, vision, and priorities by providing diverse learning and developmental opportunities through experiences emphasizing life-long wellness.

Vision Statement

Recreation and Wellness will be a comprehensive model for wellness and experiential education.


  • Caring - Treating students as individuals who matter; extending oneself in support of celebration of another
  • Collaboration - A sense of connectedness to the division and university through working with others for the common good; involving constituents and stakeholders in decision-making and problem-solving
  • Inclusion - Embracing and respecting the diversity inherent in all people and creating an environment where all students can live, learn and lead meaningful lives regardless of who they are
  • Integrity - Adherence to professional ethics and/or personal principles that make one's behavior, character and actions beyond reproach