Transfer and Current Upperclassman Community Rates

Living on campus offers experiences, conveniences and perks you won’t find anywhere else. With all room and board costs rolled into one rate, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with multiple bills. And you can use scholarship funds toward UWF Housing expenses, unlike off-campus options. When you dive into ArgoLife, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

17/18 and 18/19 Rental Rates

Rates are subject to change. Monthly rates are provided here for convenience. Rent is paid by semester or in installment payments with the UWF Payment Plan.

Building & Room TypeMonthly RateSemester Rate
Argo, Pace Value Junior Suite $562 $2,250
Argo, Pace Shared Junior Suite $725 $2,900
Argo, Pace Private Junior Suite $797 $3,190
Heritage, Presidents Shared Deluxe Suite $750 $3,000
Heritage, Presidents Private Deluxe Suite $822 $3,290
Village East 4 bed, 2 bath private room $766 $3,065
Village East 2 bed, 1 bath private room $863  $3,455
Village West 4 bed, 2 bath private room $825 $3,300
Village West 2 bed, 2 bath private room $925 $3,700
Downtown Grad Houses private room $546 $2,184
Downtown Grad Houses large private room $560 $2,240


Rates include unlimited utilities (water, electricity, trash), cable tv access, internet access, a furnished room, RAs for each hallway, community desk assistance, community activities, campus security, & trolley transportation around campus.