Fee Information

Weekly fees, registration and late fees, and discounts are listed on this page.

Fees are based on parent status. To be billed at student rate, parent must be enrolled in and maintain six (6) hours of undergraduate or three (3) hours of graduate credit hours per semester. Faculty and staff enrolled in class exclusively under the employee tuition waiver program are not considered students for the purpose of being billed at the student rate. The rates are as follows (starting Fall 2018):

Infant, Toddlers & Two's (6 months - 2 years)
Students $125.00/ wk
Other users $153.00/ wk
Preschool (3 or 4 year olds)
Students $108.00/ wk
Other Users $134.00/ wk
Drop-in Rate / Late Payment 
Preschool area only $5.00/ hr 
Late Payment Fee $25.00
 Registration Fees
Non-refundable Initial Registration Fee* $100/ one time
Non-refundable Semester Registration Fee $50.00/ semester
Non-refundable Summer Camp Registration Fee $35.00/ semester
Late Pick-Up Fees
The Center’s hours of operation are from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.
First Time Courtesy Notice 
Second Time $15.00 + $1.00/ minute
Third Time $20.00 + $1.00/ minute
  • *$25.00 credit if parents attend Scheduled New Parent Orientation
  • A family with two children with receive a 10% discount of the total combined hourly or weekly fees; those with three or more children will receive a 15% discount on the combined fees.
  • Children are grouped according to age on September 1.