Vision, Mission, Values

This page contains the vision, mission, and values we hold at the ERCCD.


The ERCCD will be known for supporting the uniqueness and development of early learners and their families to enable them to achieve to their fullest potential.


The mission of the ERCCD is to support academic persistence and success by providing a high- quality culturally inclusive early childhood learning environment for children of students, faculty and staff; by providing opportunities for students at UWF and in the community to engage in field experiences; and by providing opportunities for UWF faculty and students to conduct research.


Children and families must be valued and treated with dignity and respect for their individuality.

We Believe:

  • A safe and nurturing environment is essential for children and families
  • Children learn at different rates and times
  • In the importance of a developmentally appropriate play-based environment
  • Children learn best when they are actively engaged through a variety of learning experiences that fosters self-esteem, decision making and promotes reaching potentials.
  • Children thrive in an environment designed to promote exploration, self- discovery, imaginative play and opportunities to engage in cooperative play

We recognize it takes a partnership of shared responsibility between parents and dedicated staff to create a culturally inclusive learning environment benefiting the child, parent, staff and academic community.

The center is licensed by the State of Florida (ID# C01ES0150) and staffed by Early Childhood professionals.

The Center is accredited by AdvancED.